Apple unveils exciting new products at a big media launch every September. And this year’s 2015 Apple event was no different.

Held in one of San Francisco’s largest conference facilities, it was clear – before it even began – that the world should pay attention. Here are the most important takeaways you need to know.

1. The iPad Goes Pro

There have been whispers that Apple was going to bring us a larger iPad. Now it’s confirmed.

The new high-end tablet works seamless with Apple’s new Apple Pencil and Keyboard. The 12.9 inch screen is bigger than the smallest Macbook, bringing with it a range of new possibilities – especially for business people. At just 6.9mm thin and 713 grams, your iPad won’t be weighing you down as you move between meetings.


iPad Pro 2015 Apple Event


2. Apple Pencil

Apple famously touted an end to the stylus with the release of the original iPad (with Steve Jobs claiming that our best pointing device is our finger).

This morning however, we were presented with the Apple Pencil.

During the Keynote, Apple invited a representative from Microsoft on stage to demonstrate the Apple Pencil with PowerPoint annotation. They also invited a representative from Adobe to demonstrate ultra-precise drawing in Photoshop FX (another new app).

It’s easy to charge the Pencil by plugging it directly into the iPad Pro. It takes just minutes to charge to the full 12-hour battery life.

With accuracy ‘to the pixel’, we predict this device to change the way we use our iPads.


iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2015 Apple Event

3. Apple TV Invades Your Living Room

For three years, we’ve seen no change in Apple TV. And so far, the device has done a fine job streaming TV and movies and mirroring our iDevices onto our televisions.

But now, Apple TV is being turbocharged into the future.

Developers will be able to create Apple TV apps, which will allow more onto your TV. Game developers now have the option of third party controller usage – which opens the floodgates of gaming possibilities.


4. Apple TV Says Hello to Siri

A significant addition to Apple TV is the new remote featuring Siri. No more scrolling through alphabetical lists searching for your movies. Instead, ask Siri to do the work for you.

Even a few years ago, the idea of asking your remote to ‘Show me movies with Quentin Tarantino’ sounded ludicrous. But now it’s reality.

The remote also features a touch screen and additional buttons, which will change your entire lounge room experience.


Apple TV Remote Siri 2015 Apple Event

5. Camera Improvements

The new iPhones include a great camera upgrade – namely a better sensor for Facetime and selfies in the front facing camera.

Also included is a 12 megapixel rear iSight camera which can shoot video in 4K. The front camera now has Retina Flash, which is three times brighter than a regular flash.


6. Say Hello to the 6S and 6S Plus

Following recent release traditions in previous ‘S’ years, the new iPhones have kept the same physical design as the 2015 6 and 6 Plus models. However, there have been some tweaks.

The new iPhones have room for new components. They are stronger. (A welcome improvement given all the phone ‘bending’ going on). And get ready for the speed and power that the A9 processor brings – which makes CPU tasks 70% faster and graphics 90% faster.

When the Rose Gold iPhone was first shown at the 2015 Apple event, the room erupted. This is definitely a drawcard for the fashion and design conscious people out there!


iPhone 6s 6s Plus 2015 Apple Event


7. 3D Touch

We got our first taste of Force Touch in the Apple Watch earlier this year – the ability to detect pressure simply from touch.

3D Touch gives more power to the fingertips of users and creates an array of opportunities for additional commands. With the ability to ‘peek’ at an incoming email, or ‘pop’ right into a reply straight from the home screen, this new technology will change how you use your phone.

We’re betting that one of the greatest uses for 3D Touch will be for game developers


8. iPad Mini 4

The 2014 iPad mini upgrade didn’t get much attention, with Touch ID being the only real addition to the iPad Mini 3. But today, we saw a more significant iPad Mini release.

The new iPad mini brings the specs up to rival the iPad Air 2. Plus with the new iOS iPad capabilities, this could become a threatening little brother to the new iPad Pro.


iPad Family Mini 2015 Apple Event


9. iOs 9

Multitasking truly comes alive in iOS 9 (which is great timing with iPad Pro’s larger screen). To be released on 16 September, you could be enjoying its new features in no time.

The proactive feature of Siri learns your behaviours. For example, it can guess who may be calling you from that unknown number. And it can suggest locations and search API.

You’ll also be able to multitask on the iPad – running two apps on the screen simultaneously.


10. OSX El Capitan

Every new OSX brings with it a long list of new features and abilities. But we have two favourites.

First is the ability to search in your own natural language using Spotlight, Finder and Mail. For example, when you request – ‘The email I sent last week about my rent’, it’ll pop right up.

Second is the Notes app upgrade (to be released on 1 October). Now so much more than jotting down your thoughts and reminders, you’ll be able to include photos, urls and map locations in the one note. You’ll also be able to sync automatically across all your devices.



Images from the 2015 Apple Event