About Redbubble

Redbubble is one of Australia’s most inspiring corporate success stories of recent years.

Launched in 2006, Redbubble is an online marketplace where people can shop for lifestyle products featuring work from independent artists and designers worldwide. Hosting over 14 million pieces of art, Redbubble allows artists to showcase their creativity and individuals to find items that express their personal style.

Redbubble is headquartered in Melbourne – with a US base in San Francisco.

Redbubble Melbourne Headquarters

The Redbubble Melbourne headquarters has to be seen to be believed.

As a rapidly growing business, Redbubble clearly recognises the value of a working environment that promotes creativity and collaboration. Working spaces are colourful and cutting-edge – designed to accelerate everyday decision-making and strategic innovation.

But up until this year, Redbubble was relying on second-rate audio visual office technology to deliver important boardroom presentations and to engage with overseas stakeholders via video conference.


redbubble melbourne office technology

The Melbourne Redbubble HQ now has a state of the art office technology solution created by Urban Intelligence

The Brief

Redbubble IT Manager, Jeremy Stagg, approached Urban Intelligence to help them raise the office technology bar in their Melbourne headquarters.

The goal was to implement a cutting-edge presentation and conferencing solution to match the company’s progressive culture and growing international profile.

Google Chromebox for Meetings (CFM)

Before the project, Redbubble was already successfully using Google Docs across the organisation (in favour of Microsoft – the world’s more mainstream corporate platform).

So when it came to choosing a conferencing solution, Mr Stagg was naturally inclined to explore what Google had to offer in this space. As part of his extensive research, Mr Stagg compared Google CFM to a vast range of traditional solutions (such as Cisco, Tanberg, Polycom and Vidyo).

Ultimately, Mr Stagg came to the conclusion that Google CFM (which uses Google Hangouts in the backend) was the right way forward for Redbubble. And he deferred to Urban Intelligence to implement the solution across the organisation.

The Solution

With full commitment to Mr Stagg’s vision, Urban Intelligence designed supportive conferencing technology around the Google CFM platform with exceptional results.

Urban Intelligence implemented conferencing technology across nine separate spaces – with carefully selected equipment to suit the functional and acoustic conditions of each. High-end microphones, speakers and screens were custom-engineered to achieve first-rate clarity and visibility, all operated by iPad control systems that make usability a breeze.

‘Urban Intelligence transformed our boardroom and meeting room spaces into high-tech presentation and conferencing environments that exceeded our expectations. With no more boxes, wires or licences to manage, we can now communicate with who we want, when we want without unnecessary costs and complications,’

said Mr Stagg.

Urban Intelligence Managing Director, Lior Rauchberger, believes that Redbubble is now leading the way in video and audio conferencing.

‘Successful implementation of Google CFM and Hangouts in the corporate space is a real game-changer. We look forward to working with more progressive businesses like Redbubble to help them achieve the same remarkable results.’