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Urban Intelligence has been a leader and key contributor across many transformative technology projects. As a result, our brand and our people are gaining traction in the Australian media space. Learn more about our growing media profile right here.

Thumping Sound System for Melbourne’s Newest Restaurant

“I don’t mind people saying, ‘It’s the guys from Chin Chin’. We’re not running away from that,” he says. “It’s just that we want Hawker Hall to stand up for itself and have its own identity.” Which it does. But it’s also impossible not to draw the connection. There’s no mistaking that initimable energy we’ve seen at the Lucas Group’s first three restaurants: Baby and Kong, but Chin Chin most of all.

A lot of that is down to the thumping sound system by Urban Intelligence, the same company which did the audio for Chin Chin. Given the right track – on our visit, it was a fun club remix of Dolly Parton’s Jolene – you’ll feel the bass as much as you hear it.

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A Lap of Luxury

“Zagame Automotive commissioned a digital signage system design that could then be put out to tender. Urban Intelligence won the job thanks to a slick presentation and an appreciation for Zagame’s intentions for the system, rather than a gear-led ‘this plugs into this’ tender.”

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Hanging on Every Word

“The trick for Urban Intelligence was to observe the routines and build those observances into presets in the control system. What’s more, using Wi-Fi, the control system could be hosted by an iPad…”

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Synagogue in Melbourne Installs Martin Audio Omniline Line Array

“Each OmniLine hang was supported by custom bracketry, designed in conjunction with Urban Intelligence, to maximise the final tilt angles and allow cables to be concealed.”

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Online Solution for Temple Beth Israel

“This resulted in integrators, Urban Intelligence, fitting a discreet OmniLine micro line array from Martin Audio to provide the versatile solution required.”

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Live on Air: Lior Talks About the iPhone 6

Listen to Urban Intelligence Director, Lior Rauchberger, in form as regular technology presenter on Melbourne’s Triple M Breakfast Radio Show.

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