Welcome to this personal review of the Jaybird X2 Wireless Earphones from Urban Intelligence Business Development Manager, Jonathan Krywicki. Jonathan has been with Urban for 10 years and is our ‘go-to’ guy for new technology gadgets.

Over to you Jonathan:

I’ve been working with consumer technology for over 15 years. To me, technology is all about enhancing space and creating an experience. So when it comes to buying new gadgets, I take it seriously.

Last month, I decided I wanted – not needed – a pair of wireless earphones. Why? Firstly because cords are a pain-point of mine. (I can’t stand the the never-ending battle of untangling them, no matter how neatly I put them away.) And secondly, I like to think of myself as an early adopter. So there was no reason to way another day!

The basis for my decision

My first step was to consider what brands are out there and which ones aligned most closely with my wish list. My criteria was:

  1. Must be comfortable to wear
  2. Needs a good battery life
  3. Offers great customer support if something goes wrong

After reading and watching a dozen online reviews on different brands (incluing Beats wireless and JBL synchros), I settled on the Jaybird X2 earphones.


So what got me over the line?

Simply, it was the volume of positive reviews. Jaybird earphones owners are very loyal and rave about the product.

After a brief call with Jaybird, I placed my order for a pair of the X2 earphones.. Three days later they arrived.

Time to put them to the test

As soon as they arrived, it was time to get these bad boys charged up and ready for use.

Setting the earphones up was simple. They  came with a micro USB charger, and charging status is shown by an indicator light that’s red when charging and green once fully charged.

Nothing new, but simple and effective.

Once charged, I attached the soft tip ear buds (the earphones come with two styles of ear buds) and the rubbery-wing looking attachments that are designed to hold the buds in your ears while running.

Admittedly, I found the Jaybirds quite uncomfortable at first. I really wanted to love them instantly. But the soft tips made of a foam material expand in the ear canal after a few seconds, and they were very noticeable.

So I then tried the smaller size tips (they come with small, medium and large) which made some improvement for me.

But to my relief, I discovered that the ear buds just needed to be worn in a little – and that after wearing them for a few hours, they were a lot more comfortable. I honestly couldn’t feel them in my ears.

Big tick for Jaybird!

The next big test was running. And my new earphones did not disappoint. They sealed well in my ear and it was really great to have no dangling cable. Funnily, I even found myself searching for the cords a few times mid-run!

And after using the earphones for most of the day, I loved that I didn’t even need to charge it yet!

My favourite part?

When I took my earphones into work, I quickly realised what I loved most about them: the mobility factor.

I could get up, go to the photocopier, refill my water and just move around freely without ever disconnecting or having to carry my phone with me.

With about a 10 metre range, this was incredibly freeing and very cool.

But it’s not all gold stars for the Jaybirds

When plugging in the micro USB charger about a week after my purchase, I noticed a plastic component had fallen off just under the hood you lift to reveal the charging port.


So I jumped onto the Jaybird website and began a live chat to ask what could be done.

The rep told me they would replace the Jaybirds at no cost under the ‘cut the cord’ program. ‘Cut the cord’ means just that – all I needed to do was cut the cord of my earphones, send Jaybird a photo and they would instantly send me a new pair. I didn’t have to worry about returning the item which was a huge bonus for me. Very impressive.

Another big tick for Jaybird.

My final say

So do I like them?

The short answer is yes.

I set out to get a pair of wireless earphones that were comfortable to wear (check), had good battery life (check) and most importantly, had a great support structure in place (check).

The only negative in my eyes is the cost. Here in Australia, you can expect to pay over $200. However, if you want the best (which I do), then that’s the price you need to pay!

I purchased my Jaybird X2 earphones here.