Many of today’s leading hotels are yet to master the perfect ‘guest experience’. Despite the top dollar rates some luxury hotels charge, it’s not unusual for guests to encounter one disappointment after another.

Rooms are often not ready on arrival. Predictable and generic offerings fill the mini-bars. Rooms are decked out with dated hardware such as analogue clock radios. TV remotes are hidden, missing or without working batteries. And easily lost room keys and cards are often temperamental or require secret 8-digit codes we can never remember!

So how will hotel rooms of the future leverage the power of technology to cultivate that ‘WOW’ factor that so many lack today? And what do they have to do to create a superior technology experience that trumps anything we already encounter at work and at home?

Welcome aboard the Urban Intelligence time machine once again for the third instalment of our 2025 series – the Hotel Room of 2025!


It will all about… the ‘WOW’!

Technology in the hotel room of 2025 will be personalised, seamless and unforgettable. Guests will continue to be impressed with WOW moments – from check-in to check-out.

So when do WOW moment happen?

  • Wow moments happen when… everything works flawlessly.
    The answer? A seamless experience.
  • Wow moments happen when… guests feel special.
    The answer? A personalised experience.
  • Wow moments happen when… all the senses are engaged.
    The answer? A multi-sensory experience.

So let’s look at how each ‘wow’ moment will be achieved in the hotel room of the future in 2025.



Say goodbye to room keys or cards – all you need is what you already always carry with you – your smartphone.

A seamless experience

Hotel guests of the future will enjoy intuitive control of all hotel services using their own devices. No more juggling multiple remote controls hidden in bedside tables. And no more learning how to use multiple pieces of unfamiliar hardware.

Critical to this vision will be the hotel’s cloud-based system and interface that gives guests access to any services they wish from the palm of their hand. The interface will work seamlessly across all platforms (Apple, Android and Windows) and will be heavily UX (user experience) focused.

Imagine being able to use your own iPhone or iPad to access in-room entertainment, lighting, climate control, shopping and local attraction information. And imagine being able to interact with the hotel concierge day and night – in the privacy of your own room? (So to speak, of course.)

What’s more, there will be no delineation between hotel content and guest content. Guests will be able to access their own locally-stored movies and music and stream it to any of the display surfaces in the room. Conversely, they’ll also be access ‘on demand’ entertainment content from the hotel network and stream to their own tablet if they wish.


A personalised experience

Hotel rooms of the future will focus on building and refining guest profiles to deliver the ultimate personalised hotel room experience.

Learning about and capturing guest likes and interests each time they stay will create more and more ‘wow moments’ with each additional stay. The guest profile system will allow hotels to pre-configure rooms to individual preferences, such as the guest’s:

  • preferred room temperature
  • primary speaking language (for voice activated rooms controls)
  • preferred brands, interests and hobbies for personalised shopping catalogues
  • favourite cuisines for tailored dining recommendations
  • favourite snacks and drinks for a personalised mini-bar and room-service menu
  • preferred genres of TV shows and movies
  • favourite types of music to curate a personalised playlist
  • preferred colours and style of artwork to display digital artwork on the walls.

A multi-sensory experience

The hotel room of 2025 will have no need for traditional, cumbersome hardware (such as TVs), physical signage and ring-bound folders with hotel information and brochures.

Instead, it will leverage cutting-edge technologies such OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) to make everyday surfaces interactive, flexible and functional.

Think entrance walls that allow you to search local dining and shopping attractions. Think dining tables and bedside tables that double as your entertainment control system. Think mini-bar fridge doors that allow you to order room-service.

And think bathroom mirrors that allow you to browse shaving creams or perfumes virtually and order them directly to your room for sampling or instant purchase.

OLED displays, speakers and microphones will be installed throughout the room to deliver multilingual voice activated control of all room systems, services and functions. These technologies will be completely concealed – or will blend seamlessly into the room’s architecture and interior design.



Hotel guests of 2025 could be greeted by hologram staff, as has been introduced in new concepts in Japan

A day in the stay of a hotel guest in 2025

With all this in mind, let’s now have a look at a typical ‘day in the stay’ of a hotel guest n 2025. 

  • Guest enters their room using Bluetooth or NFC The hotel system automatically activates and loads the guest’s profile to confirm ‘check-in’.
  • The hotel’s cloud-based application loads into the guest’s smartphone or tablet, and authenticates seamlessly.
  • The room’s temperature, lighting, digital artwork and background music are all pre-activated according to the guest’s profile. And suggested movies, TV show and playlists are presented according to their preferences and interests.
  • The room’s entertainment control system automatically appear in the guests’ smartphone or tablet. And OLED surfaces and voice commands are pre-set to the guest’s first language.
  • During the stay, the guest might begin watching a movie in the living room and then move to the bedroom to watch the last few scenes from their tablet in bed.
  • Upon departure, the guest ‘checks out’ and finalises payment from their device. (No more queuing at a busy reception desk to hand in your keys before 10am!)


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