Integrated Lighting Solutions With An Edge

The right lighting can set the tone, inspire and establish atmosphere. Brilliant in its simplicity, a Commercial Lighting Control System from Urban Intelligence offers seamless integration and a tailored solution to help create an ambience your clients will love.

A single interface offers complete control over lighting within your office, restaurant or showroom. Exterior floodlights can be lit with a simple touch and interior lights can be easily managed. Remote access facilitates far greater control over each room no matter where you are.

Attain the perfect balance of ideal illumination for your commercial space. Enjoy decreased energy consumption to save you money with an intuitive lighting control system that will help manage your energy use.

Lighting solutions for today that think about tomorrow.

Why a lighting control system?

Smart Lighting

A lighting control system in your commercial space can make a huge difference to your business bottom line. Modern systems reduce energy waste while maintaining an optimal working environment for maximum productivity.

A smart system can be pre-programmed to switch lights off, on or dim at the appropriate time. With a commercial lighting control system, you no longer need to rely on staff remembering to turn lights on and off. A combination of pre-set times and occupancy sensors can eliminate energy waste without compromising security.

A lighting control system can be integrated into existing heating, security or monitoring systems. One touch programming allows the user to select from a range of pre-set modes and can be controlled from a wall panel or mobile device.

A well installed control system displays your products in the best light, complements the design of your building and creates the perfect atmosphere for your employees to be at their most productive.

Green Lighting

Old fashioned dimmer switches diverted current through a resistor which converted it to heat energy, dimming the light but not saving electricity. Modern dimmer switches use a “Triac Switch” which cuts current to the light on and off, dimming the bulb and reducing the amount of energy consumed.

A commercial lighting control system from Urban Intelligence can save a significant amount of energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

The combination of tightly controlled lighting and strategic dimming will save electricity, extend the life of your bulbs and reduce your environmental impact, not to mention save you money.

How a Commercial Lighting Control System can work for your industry

Office Space

The positive effects of correct lighting in a work environment are widely studied. Studies reveal that if a space is appropriately lit it can have a positive effect on the vitality, alertness, energy, mood and work performance of the occupants.

Eyestrain and screen glare can be practically eliminated if the work environment is suitably lit.

A lighting Control System from Urban Intelligence can contribute to a healthy happy workforce

Hospitality and Retail

Every business wants to display their products in the best light.

In retail, a cleverly lit display can add huge value to a product. A well-lit show room can invite customers who would normally pass right by.

In hospitality, atmosphere is everything. With a lighting control system an intimate restaurant can be transformed into a pumping nightclub by the touch of a button.

Automotive Industry

In an automotive showroom the car is king. Lighting plays a vital role in presenting the product to its full potential.

An Urban Intelligence commercial lighting control system can create a technology environment that projects the same high-end detail, class and innovation as the manufacturer themselves.

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