Tailored and Sophisticated AV Equipment & Solutions

Leading the future in commercial technology, our smart business audio visual solutions will transform your workplace. Modernise the boardroom experience for your clients and create visually stunning and captivating presentations.

Make sure your meeting and conference room technology reflects your dynamic business with a smart business AV solution from Urban Intelligence.

Wireless presentation and commercial audio visual systems establish an environment perfect for engaging your clients and stakeholders.

Customisable commercial AV solutions can be delivered across a number of sectors to meet certain brief requirements. Hospitality, aged care, education and the automotive industries are just some of the markets we have implemented integrated audio visual solutions.

Digital signage, iPad control, projection systems and commercial audio can captivate customers and staff alike.

Reliable and scalable to your business’ growth, our audio visual equipment is sure to enhance your boardroom, meeting and conference room technology experience.


How Audio Visual Solutions & Equipment Can Work For Your Industry


Establish a mood and enhance your customers buying journey with a range of AV equipment from Urban Intelligence. Connect customers with your message.

  • Easily customisable for the marketing message you’re trying to get across, dependant on products, campaigns, demographics that are in-store
  • Highlight the experience/sounds of your products
  • Create a specific ambiance throughout your showroom through background music, videos and messaging


Empower staff with the technology to engage key stakeholders and communicate their message in the most effective way. Commercial AV Solutions can help to increase productivity and streamline internal communication.

  • Modern smart boardroom meeting and conference room technology experience s
  • Create visually pleasing, captivating and engaging presentations to clients and colleagues. Simple, intuitive control systems
  • Mirror desktop experiences for staff
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Can be tailored to the corporate culture and behaviours of staff within a company – e.g. if they prefer modern, touchscreen everything, or more traditional keyboard and mouse
  • Multisite collaboration and instant client communication
  • Face to face interaction with no time lost on setup or downtime
  • Empower staff with fewer travel commitments
  • Impress clients and strengthen business relationships


Education technology is rapidly growing, and schools are now turning to commercial audio visual solutions and AV equipment to empower their students and provide dynamic, relevant content. Schools are also increasingly bringing in a ‘bring your own device’ policy.

  • Allow for collaboration between students and engagement with students and their devices
  • Leading tomorrow’s learners into the digital age


Food & Hospitality

Simple systems that deliver a powerful audio solution. Background music and ambience in a restaurant, café or bar is nearly important as the food and drinks themselves. We create commercial AV solutions that are minimal and robust, see Hawker Hall for an example.

  • Create an ambiance through background music
  • Try a new wave of restaurant experiences – DJs, sound zones
  • Equipment is easily controllable by staff on a single iPad which can be controlled from anywhere

House of Worship

A perfect example of how commercial audio visual equipment is perfect for a house of worship is the Urban Intelligence commercial AV install at Temple Beth Israel.

Audio visual solutions from Urban Intelligence can help to better manage the audio idiosyncrasies of places of worship.

  • Create engaging content and display via HD video capture and live streaming
  • Deliver communication between with enhanced speech intelligibility
  • Ensure music clarity for choirs, bands or streaming
  • Hearing augmentation systems enable your message to be delivered clearly to your entire audience
  • Enjoy seamless control via a central iPad


Create an environment where users feel enticed to purchase and connect with your brand. Commercialaudio visual equipment from urban Intelligence can help effectively communicate why your product stands out, can create a more engaging environment and empowers consumers in their purchasing journey.

  • Connect customers with your brand through visual elements such as digital signage or video streaming
  • Establish the mood through quality audio systems
  • Easily control audio visual systems through centralised iPad control to make it easier to train and for staff to manage ongoing


The sheer size of stadiums requires quality audio systems to enable the clear dissemination of information across a sizeable crowd. A powerful system is also required to easily play background and foreground music. We helped Lakeside Stadium to do just that.

  • Commercial audio systems can easily handle the size of stadiums and facilitate quality background and foreground music
  • Microphone voice reinforcement ensures your message is heard

Our Products

We have carefully partnered with a number of brands that can easily handle commercial applications of AV equipment and software. Some products we commonly use are:





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