Solutions for the future

Too often we see technology that’s suitable for commercial spaces now, without concern for what the future will bring. With Urban Intelligence, your solutions will be suitable for today – but also scalable for tomorrow.

Video and audio conferencing

Communicate and collaborate with remote teams and clients at the push of a button. Our reliable and intuitive video and audio conference solutions will save your business time, travel costs – and other inefficiencies.

Boardroom meetings and presentations

Impress your clients and stakeholders with professionally-run meetings and modern, engaging presentations. Give audiences a more tailored and relevant meeting room experience.

Digital signage

Display relevant messages and advertising to different audiences at different times. Update content quickly and adapt your marketing and corporate campaigns in real-time.

Lighting Control

Manage energy use, simplify control, project the right mood and facilitate remote access with a custom-designed lighting solution.


Protect your staff, clients and assets with today’s most advanced security technologies. We offer smart keyless entry, alarm, and high-end surveillance solutions that can be easily configured to your exact needs.

Music systems

Create the right ambience in your commercial space with a tailored music solution. Zone different areas with different music… at different volumes… at different times.

System integration and automation

Automate the lighting, security and other network technologies in your building with one intuitive interface.

Energy management

Determine which technology or zones consume the most energy – and reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint at the touch of a button.

Custom product development

Let us custom design and develop a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of your organisation or industry.