This week the annual Apple WWDC is happening in the US and we’ve been pretty excited to see what the tech giant is bringing to the table.

So what in particular are we hyped to get our hands on?  The Homepod – Apple’s answer to Google Home, Sonos and Echo.  This neat little unit celebrates both form and function, plus you can say hello to your old friend Siri – she’s built in and ready to assist.  Australia expects to see the first units hit our shores in December.  For more details, head over the The Verge where they have posted their initial review after seeing (and hearing) Homepod in the flesh in San Jose.

We’re also loving one of the features that is set to be released with IOS 11.  Apple have taken on-board recommendations regarding driver safety and have developed a “do not disturb” feature that is activated when driving.  The screen blackens, and no distracting notifications will pop up while the car is in motion.   In addition to this, they have made improvements to their maps feature which if you’re lucky enough to visit the US, the UK and parts of Asia will feature interior layouts of shopping malls – very handy.

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